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PG&E Gas Operations Campus Program

PG&E Gas Operations Campus Program, San Ramon, CA

San Ramon, CA

After the 2010 San Bruno fire, it was apparent to both Federal and State officials that PG&E Gas operations were hampered by a five city, Bay Area dispersion of 1,500 employees in more than a dozen buildings.  The workplace challenge was to support the company’s desire for major organizational-culture change and to support senior management, line management and line personnel to co-locate for shared knowledge and operational efficiencies needed for this critical function business unit.

The political response to the San Bruno fire and the NTSB report demanded immediate and significant cultural change to the organization.  We delivered a quick real estate portfolio assessment, tactical planning, occupancy cost (OPEX) reduction and the needed “reinvention” of the PG&E Gas culture through workplace design that had not previously existed at PG&E.


Leading this effort for PG&E, we successfully managed and delivered a regional site search, facility due diligence, 390,000 SF lease negotiation, multi-site relocation, consolidation and new operational division headquarters (HQ).  This new office provides significantly improved collaborative workplace interiors with no private offices, abundance of conference and work rooms distributed among work teams combined with mobile technology environment.  Under our direction this $80MM project construction plan benefited from more than $2MM in construction scope revision savings and more than $9MM in workplace and IT capital cost savings via lease contract negotiations.  This new facility also included a 50,000 SF state-of-the-art 24/7 systems network operations control center utilizing Tier 3 critical function infrastructure technologies vital to managing the updated digital control gas infrastructure network of Northern California.

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